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It has been 30 years since I made my first flute and formed my first company, Laughing Mallard. I remember finishing my flute and hearing its sweet voice for the first time with the experience touching me deep within my soul. 

Since that day, I have mastered the art of flute making and continue my journey by focusing on what I enjoy best... making dream flutes. I have found that your typical flute addict has several flutes that they enjoy, but none of them tells their own personal story. My challenge and focus is to take your vision and turn it into reality using the finest air dried musical wood from my wood cellar. I enjoy the flute making process and never have more than one flute on my bench at a time. When your flute is completed, only then do I move on to the next dream making sure that your personal flute is the best it can be. 


Along the way I have created special flutes for my friends Grammy winners Douglas Spotted Eagle, 2-time Grammy winner Mary Young blood, Vince Redhouse, Charles Littleleaf, Bronze artist Dave McGary, Two Hawks and Actor Robert Redford. I have made many friends and have customers that circle the globe. 


Upon finishing your flute, it is always a thrill for me to step outside and play for all of friends along the river. I look forward to helping you create your personal flute story. 

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