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The block, bird, fetish is very important to the Native American flute, and serves two key purposes. Foremost, is that it channels and directs the proper airflow to the thipple or cutting edge. Secondly and just as important, the block, bird, or fetish is a reflection of the players inner spirit or represents a totem animal or bird. Some prefer the Eagle or the mighty Humpback whale, powerful and free. Others may feel the power of the bear or the wild spirit of the wolf. I personally love Raven always having fun and always playing tricks on everyone. The block is a very creative process for me and usually the most challenging to create. Attention to detail is the key using varied methods of burning, carving, wood selection, beads, and painting to create the perfect match. The block can be constructed in two ways. First a channel can be carved in the bottom to direct the air flow thus creating a very pure tone. Secondly the block can be created with a flat bottom and used in combination with a Birch bark spacer. This method creates a little breathier sound and allows the flute player varied adjustments to suite his or her playing style. I’m always happy to help you design the perfect flute for you. Below are some examples of my work and remember anything is possible...

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