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Pricing on all flutes vary according to the intricacy of the design requested. Quality and satisfaction are a must. Orders are kept to a minimum to keep wait time no longer than necessary. Each flute is hand crafted using only the finest instrument grade wood available and is painstakingly tuned to a pentatonic scale. Satisfaction is guaranteed.

Because each flute is unique to the customers vision I can only approximate cost. The following are just guidelines to help you make a selection.

• Flute with basic block design (no carving) $350

• Flute with Carved Fetish $450

• Flute with Carved Fetish and Spirit End $800 and up

A price will be quoted at the time of order and a down payment of 50% will be required. 

The balance will be due upon completion of the flute. 

I accept checks and Paypal only. 

Each flute will come with a custom Pendleton soft case and accompanying paperwork. 

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