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Over the years I have repaired several broken flutes. These flutes would normally be tossed; however, I have been very successful in restoring the flute to the owner’s happiness. I understand how important these special flutes can be to its owner. I have the skills, tools and experience to repair them. 


You pay for shipping to and from the Custom Flute Shop. Once I receive the flute, I can give you an estimate on the cost of repair. I will return the flute if it is unrepairable. I charge $75 per hour and most flutes can be repaired in an hour or less. I will repair the flute, if possible, refinish it, and restore it to its playable condition. 


• Flute repair: $75 Per hour shop time

Fine Tuning- Production flutes can arrive flat. Most playing holes are burned which causes the internal temperature to rise. However, once the flute cools, the flute goes flat. Same is true for any tuning process. The warm air in your lungs heats the flute while being tuned. Once the flute sits it will go flat, unless it is tested over a few days for consistency.
This is the same process as leaving a guitar in a hot or cold car. The temperature will affect the tuning and it will need to be re-tuned prior to playing.

• Block Repair or Replacement: Price varies on design and construction time.

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