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Over the years I have enjoyed creating dream flutes for many special people who want a flute they create to memorialize a special time or feeling. My passion for creating these Dream flutes has been fueled by the overwhelming positive responses that I have received from my customers. Many of these customers become life long friends. This requires me to get to know you and share your vision, dream, special person or event. We all have a story. My passion is to take this story and make it sing. I create one of kind dream flutes as a passion and not as a primary living.

Having worked in the lumber industry for most of my life has afforded me the opportunity to create a unique wood cellar of ancient wood (mostly reclaimed) and airdried in my shop over the last 30 years. All wood is NOT created equal. If you research guitars, you will find the price of the instrument varies greatly with the key factor being, the quality of the wood. This premium grade instrument quality wood has a tighter and older grain that creates a mellow and rich tone with resonance. This is what sets the Custom Flute Shop apart from production makers. 


Within every tree lives a song. The tree shares its song with the wind and the song continues forever as a gift to you through the hands of the flute maker. 

I have asked my son Eugene to share one of his original poems with you as a gift . Enjoy!”


—Jeff Calavan, Flute Maker

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